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Kentuckians have an opportunity, right now, to shape a bright energy future, one that works for all of us. Change for the better is possible when people on the frontlines - those directly affected by poverty, pollution, racism and the decline of family-sustaining jobs - are at the front and center.

A blueprint for Kentucky

When officials in Kentucky refused to take even the first steps towards compliance with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, members of a grassroots organization, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, rolled up our sleeves up do the job.

In the fall of 2015 we launched the Empower Kentucky Project: a public process to shape a people’s energy plan.

As KFTC chairperson Elizabeth Sanders said at the time, “We’re going to design a blueprint for Kentucky that will make our communities more livable, improve our health, strengthen our economy, and support a just transition for workers and communities. Our process and our plan will be beautiful, diverse, and full of life and power.”

Everyone deserves a seat at the table

In all, more than 1,200 Kentuckians shared their vision and ideas to inform this plan.

Then, several KFTC workteams worked over many months to examine Kentucky’s energy landscape, reflect on public input, create an environmental justice analysis, research options, and develop recommendations.

With valuable help from many people and organizations, we shaped this plan describing Kentucky’s best options for making a just transition to a clean energy economy.

  • I have many family connections to the coal industry. I’m ready for our energy transition, but I understand the complexity.
    - A Seat At The Table participant
  • My grandfather worked in the coal mines and died of black lung. He made a lot of money, but it cost him his life. I have coal in my blood, but I knew early on it was not good for the state. In 2013 I quit a job I didn’t like and decided to work in solar. Today I install solar systems in southwestern Kentucky.
     - A Seat At The Table participant, Bowling Green
  • My vision for the energy future of Kentucky starts with energy efficiency. We have to really reduce the amount of energy that we’re using in order to have less energy demands.
    - A Seat At The Table participant

Resources about the Empower Kentucky Process

A recorded webinar sharing outcomes from A Seat At The Table events.

A recorded presentation from A Seat At The Table events.

A recorded webinar announcing the Empower Kentucky project.